1. Just delicious, meat master

    It is the master of meat masters who can fully enjoy the unknown domestic rare Japanese beef Akagi Wagyu, which is produced only 3,600 a year. Many people think that yakiniku is marbling, but what is important is that even lean meat is delicious. Please enjoy real yakiniku here in Akasaka.

  2. Take the skill of a craftsman to a higher level

    No matter how high quality the meat is, what is important is the skill of the craftsman who cooks the meat. At the meat master, an experienced craftsman will cook it well and propose it to the customer. We would like our customers to know this technological capability.

  3. Cozy space

    We only hire energetic staff, and we want our customers to enjoy the comfort of our restaurant as well as yakiniku. All the staff share the effort to make you feel comfortable eating delicious yakiniku with the master of meat master.

  4. Patented ventilation system

    Yakiniku restaurant = Kusai, Kemui's common sense will be changed by the master meat master! As many as 20 ventilation systems are installed in the store, and you can enjoy yakiniku in a place with clean air at any time. Not only that, the master of meat masters is also focusing on measures against infectious diseases.

    Here, I wrote the Commitment of the master of meat master, but the important thing is to eat delicious yakiniku without worrying about your wallet. By all means, please come to the master of the meat master when you visit here in Akasaka. We look forward to welcoming you to our store.

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